I have forgotten my Username or Password

If you have forgotten your username or password then you can get a reminder by clicking the reset password button on the front page of the app.


This will prompt you to enter your email address. The email sent will contain a link which if you click on it will take you to a page where your username is displayed and you will be prompted to change your email. 


If you do not receive an email please check your spam (it will come from mail@medberry.tech

If there is an error then please check the email you entered. Alternituvely it may be that you started your account with twitter or Facebook. If so then please log in with which everyone you did originally. 

The link is a one time only link. If you are having problems then it is likely that the link has already been clicked. Likewise, the link on the webpage that you will hit to submit your password is also a one time only link. Please hit it only once, it takes a couple of seconds for the password to be reset. 

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